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Representing the Works of New England Artist Nancy L. MacKenzie

Methods and Musings

“Early and late light is my favorite subject. The earth comes upon this light with its gentle turning. The early light lingers on the edges of everything while the evening light seems to be offering its tender goodnight.

In addition to the regular style of oil painting the method I sometimes use is an old one called Renaissance glazing. It is done by first painting an underpainting of the different values of grey. After drying, a colored glaze is applied to some or all of the surface. After the glaze dries, multiple glazes are applied until the desired results are obtained. A deviation from the traditional method is to use color in the underpainting which gives a rich depth to the finished color.

In another style of painting whether oil or watercolor, the paint is dapped or stroked on the painting surface. The colors are also layered but in a different manner. The colors are on top of each other and next to each other with out the use of a glazing medium. In this method the color and shape are the subject along with the scene, as well as how the colors interact with each other. The joy of watercolor painting comes from seeing the interaction between water and paint depending on the amount of water and type of paper is used.

In any method I use, I often do not try to duplicate a particular scene or subject but try to offer the feeling and appreciation that has seeped in to me from living in two areas of wonder and beauty — Northern New England and the Southwest.

There is a spiritual side of paintings as well as a spiritual side of everything, including the landscape that calls us to contemplate it. My hope is to offer not only the visual beauty of a subject but a glimpse of its spiritual essence as well.”


Nancy was born in Maine and has lived in upper New England most of her life. She graduated from the University of New Hampshire majoring in art. Later studies were done at The Scottsdale School of Art in Arizona and the NH Institute of Art in New Hampshire. Her paintings are in both private and corporate collections nationwide as well as Europe.

Nancy and her husband Doug live in Manchester, NH and Tucson, Arizona.

Late Afternoon Peaceful Grazing Old New Hampshire Farm Joyful Tulips On the Way to the Island Pastures Summer SunsetWater's Edge Evening Reflection Late Summer A Quiet Afternoon Path Into May Silent River Snowfields A Peaceful MorningEnlightened RoseFull Bloom Garden Greeting Almost Home Gentle Evening Light High Water Island Silhouettes The Pear