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Representing the Works of New England Artist Marc Bohne

"I thought I might start off with my most fundamental tenets about my own painting, which is the notion that they are conversations about my reality. They are conversations about being, in space and time. And as such, relative to place. We observe, and respond. Some process this in simple ways, and others in complex ways. At least that is the way it seems. I think we all react to the world in different ways, but to the same things... same fears, joys, trials, and tribulations."

"The most interesting conversations are not overburdened with details and facts. They will contain a little fact, a little fiction, a little drama, a little about me, a little about you, a little about common experience, and a little about personal. They have some story-telling, some spin, some denial, and sometimes a little entertainment, and the humble fact that they are only a perspective."

Marc Bohne was born 1955 in El Paso, Texas. He lived in West Texas until he left for college where he received his BFA in painting in 1977 from Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri.

Marc’s paintings are known for their simplicity and celebration of the underlying abstraction, the genesis of the inherent visual interest in our surroundings. He couples that with the overlay of emotional content from his own responses. His paintings are a complicated mix of impasto and glazed paint that achieves a depth and poetry in the painting surface that blends into subtlety as one looks at them from further away. Replacing cumbersome detail with the suggestion, they are a conversation between him and the world.

Although Marc’s paintings are mostly of his native western United States, many are from time spent in other parts of the country and abroad. He has painted extensively his family’s home area around southern New Mexico, the central Missouri hills, and two residencies in Ireland. He currently lives on Cape Cod in Massachusetts with his wife and cat, and where his studio inhabits a post and beam barn.

In addition to Marc's landscapes being in collections from Paris to Los Angeles with some of America's more prominent citizens on his collector list, his paintings and prints adorn the sets of dozens of Hollywood movies and television shows.

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