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Representing the Works of New England Artist Marilyn Blinkhorn

Marilyn Blinkhorn is a contemporary New England artist who resides in Maine. She was educated at University of Massachusetts Lowell, at Massachusetts College of Art and at the Portland School of Art. She studied painting with watercolor artists Carlton Plummer of Maine, and Betty Lou Schlemm, of Rockport, MA. She has always used water mediums and has developed her own method of painting with watercolor.

Marilyn has painted in Maine and Vermont, throughout the United States, and in Mexico. Inspired by the Moderns and by late 19th century European artists, she combines realism with imagination and invention, in a two-dimensional manner, to create a work of art. Her focus is on color relationships, and on the interaction of shapes with respect to the many things of interest in her environment. She is currently at work on a number of ocean-influenced paintings.

Marilyn has been represented by many New England Galleries, and is in corporate and private Collections in the U.S., Canada, and the UK.

Tree with OceanRoses Motif Wave Dance Incoming Tide Yellow Tulips and Bottle Edge of a Field Three Trees White Birch Grove