J W Reilly New England Fine Art

Representing the Works of New England Artist Carolyn Dunford

"As I paint, whether it be object, spatial, or abstract painting, each subject becomes less documentary and more about my fascination with the subtleties of color and light. I paint using multiple layers of transparent and semi-transparent glazes, which allow me to manipulate the subject matter, enhancing some aspects and making other recede."

Carolyn Dunford was born in 1959 in Boston, Massachusetts. She received her BFA in graphic design and photography from the University of Massachusetts at North Dartmouth in 1981. She began painting in oil in 1999 and has studied general painting methods and techniques with Marc Bohne, a landscape painter. She is an accomplished realist painter and also works in abstract imagery in the oil and encaustic mediums. After nearly 30 years in Seattle, she and her husband recently relocated to Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Freesia Series 12 Freesia Series 11 Freesia Series 13 Pink Carnation White Orchids Summer Hedge II Near the Marsh